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Schedule for 'Rocky Mountain School of Baseball'
DateDescription (Vistor vs. Home)Location 
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Cache Wolverines Blue vs. Farmington Fire  Heber Olson Park    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  T-Ville vs. Stansbury Scrappers  Hillcrest Union (West Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Salt City Sox vs. Olympus Titans I  Glenmoor Park    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Alta Canyon Baseball vs. North Summit Braves  Hillcrest Union (N.E. Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Payson Baseball vs. Sage Creek Devils  Swenson Memorial Park (Rotary Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Surge Baseball vs. Stealth Bombers  Main Street Park (S.W. Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Bucks vs. Lehi Tigers  Memorial Park (Southeast Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Lone Peak Knights vs. Utah Jacks  Burgess Park (Northwest Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Delta Jacks vs. Ultimate Sports  Loafer View Park (#1)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Visitor vs. Stealth  LaCombe Park West (Field #2)    
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