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Schedule for 'Rocky Mountain School of Baseball'
DateDescription (Vistor vs. Home)Location 
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Murray Spartans vs. Taylorsville  Hillcrest Union (S.E. Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Team Xtreme vs. South Cache Orangemen  Country Park (Field #3)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Cache Valley Bees Black vs. Layton Dingers  Forrester Acres (Pony Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Wasatch Bees vs. SF True Players 11's  Old Complex (East Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Utah County Thunder vs. Lone Peak Knights  Loafer View Park (#5)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Cache Valley Bees vs. Northern Utah BullDawgs  Bridgerland Park    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Utah Horns 13's vs. Red Devils Baseball  South Jordan Complex (#3)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  River Bottom Boys vs. Grantsville Cowboys  LaCombe Park East (Upper Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Box Elder vs. Utah Vipers  Pioneer Park (New Pony Field)    
 5/5/2012 05:30 PM  Westlake Thunder vs. Ultimate Sports Black  Vets Memorial Park (#1)    
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