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Schedule for 'Rocky Mountain School of Baseball'
DateDescription (Vistor vs. Home)Location 
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Utah Cardinals vs. Clearfield Falcons  Wahlquist Jr. High School    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Smithfield Black Sox vs. West Point Titans  North Ogden Park    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  High Desert Storm vs. Bear River Bears  Roy West Complex (#3)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Dirt Dawgs vs. Utah Bandits  Country Park (Field #3)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Fremont Baseball vs. Cache Valley Bees  Northwest Complex (East Field)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Edge Baseball vs. Falcons Baseball  Barnes Memorial Park (#2)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Emery vs. Utah Valley Raptors  Memorial Park (Southeast Field)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Idaho Brewers vs. Blackfoot Bulldogs  Smith Park (West Field)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Idaho Owls vs. Madison Cats  Rollandet Park (North Field)    
 4/28/2012 03:30 PM  Lehi Scorchers vs. Uintah Baseball  Old Complex (East Field)    
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