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Schedule for 'Rocky Mountain School of Baseball'
DateDescription (Vistor vs. Home)Location 
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Springville Inferno vs. SF True Players 11's  Loafer View Park (#3)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Utah Devils vs. Park City Avalanche  Park City High School (Little League Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Race Rx vs. Cache Beavers  Zollinger Park (S.W. Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Sluggers vs. Box Elder Bobcats  Pioneer Park (Old Pony East Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Madison MadCats vs. Idaho Falls Chukars Maroon  Sunnyside Park (#2)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  South Summit Wildcats vs. Park City Avalanche  Park City High School (Softball Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Utah Bandits 11's vs. Rose Park Panthers  Riverside Rose Park (West Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Park City Avalanche vs. Wasatch Sting  Old Complex (Little League Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Cache Wolverines Blue vs. Bear River Bears  Garland City Park (South Field)    
 4/28/2012 09:30 AM  Salt City Sox vs. DC Sox  Main Street Park (S.W. Field)    
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