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Schedule for 'Rocky Mountain School of Baseball'
Super League 2012
Week 5
May 19
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Burgess Park (North Field), Alpine, UT
  9:30 am(12)Black Knights vs. Westlake Thunder(13)
  11:30 am(3)Westlake Thunder vs. Taylorsville Warriors(12)
  1:30 pm(4)Taylorsville Warriors vs. Utah Fury(19)
  3:30 pm(12)Utah Fury vs. Salt Lake Sluggers(0)
  5:30 pm(13)Salt Lake Sluggers vs. Black Knights(9)

Burgess Park (Northwest Field), Alpine, UT
  9:30 am(8)Lone Peak Knights vs. Wasatch Knox(0)
  11:30 am(2)Wasatch Knox vs. West Jordan Jags(7)
  1:30 pm(1)West Jordan Jags vs. Titans Baseball(12)
  3:30 pm(7)Titans Baseball vs. Pleasant Grove Vikings Blue(1)
  5:30 pm(0)Pleasant Grove Vikings Blue vs. Lone Peak Knights(11)

Burgess Park (Pony Field), Alpine, UT
  9:30 am(8)Lone Peak Knights vs. Utah Bandits(4)
  11:30 am(9)Utah Bandits vs. West Jordan Jaguars Black(7)
  1:30 pm(15)West Jordan Jaguars Black vs. Syracuse Titans(8)
  3:30 pm(9)Syracuse Titans vs. Salt Lake Aztecs(4)
  5:30 pm(3)Salt Lake Aztecs vs. Lone Peak Knights(9)

Burgess Park (South Field), Alpine, UT
  9:30 am(13)Lone Peak Knights vs. Spanish Fork Surge(15)
  11:30 am(15)Spanish Fork Surge vs. Ultimate Sports(8)
  1:30 pm(0)Ultimate Sports vs. Wasatch Gold Sox(0)
  3:30 pm(8)Wasatch Gold Sox vs. Salem Skyhawks(23)
  5:30 pm(21)Salem Skyhawks vs. Lone Peak Knights(16)

Bear River City Park (East Field), Bear River City, UT
  9:30 am(7)Bear River Bears vs. Warriors(6)
  11:30 am(9)Warriors vs. Pocatello Pirates(20)
  1:30 pm(9)Pocatello Pirates vs. Cache Valley Bees Black(12)
  3:30 pm(4)Cache Valley Bees Black vs. Utah Bandits 12's(11)
  5:30 pm(5)Utah Bandits 12's vs. Bear River Bears(9)

Bear River City Park (West Field), Bear River City, UT
  9:30 am(1)Box Elder Bandits vs. Preston Magpies(9)
  11:30 am(7)Preston Magpies vs. Utah Rockhounds(15)
  1:30 pm(7)Utah Rockhounds vs. Idaho Falls Chukars(8)
  3:30 pm(7)Idaho Falls Chukars vs. Centerville Vikings(6)
  5:30 pm(7)Centerville Vikings vs. Box Elder Bandits(4)

Centerville Complex (N.E. Field), Centerville, UT
  9:30 am(8)Davis Baseball vs. Riverton Accel 15(0)
  11:30 am(5)Riverton Accel 15 vs. Crush(12)
  1:30 pm(9)Crush vs. Utah Sliders(9)
  3:30 pm(4)Utah Sliders vs. DC Baseball(3)
  5:30 pm(0)DC Baseball vs. Davis Baseball(13)

Centerville Complex (N.W. Field), Centerville, UT
  9:30 am(10)Wildcat Baseball Club vs. Kaysville Bombers(9)
  11:30 am(7)Kaysville Bombers vs. Race Rx(19)
  1:30 pm(7)Race Rx vs. Team Xtreme(11)
  3:30 pm(11)Team Xtreme vs. Elite Baseball(3)
  5:30 pm(4)Elite Baseball vs. Wildcat Baseball Club(23)

Centerville Complex (S.E. Field), Centerville, UT
  9:30 am(1)Utah Vipers vs. Utah Sting(19)
  11:30 am(4)Utah Sting vs. Idaho Falls Blaze 11U(8)
  1:30 pm(7)Idaho Falls Blaze 11U vs. Utah Monarchs(3)
  3:30 pm(12)Utah Monarchs vs. Wolfpack Baseball(7)
  5:30 pm(2)Wolfpack Baseball vs. Utah Vipers(16)

Centerville Complex (S.W. Field), Centerville, UT
  9:30 am(9)Centerville Storm vs. Brawlers(4)
  11:30 am(8)Brawlers vs. Warriors(7)
  1:30 pm(7)Warriors vs. South Davis Braves(1)
  3:30 pm(4)South Davis Braves vs. Grantsville Cowboys(14)
  5:30 pm(9)Grantsville Cowboys vs. Centerville Storm(5)

Cotant Park (Red Field), Chubbuck, ID
  10:00 am(17)Idaho Sun Devils vs. High Desert Storm(2)
  12:00 pm(4)High Desert Storm vs. Idaho Thunder(18)
  2:00 pm(14)Idaho Thunder vs. Idaho Rebels(5)
  4:00 pm(0)Idaho Rebels vs. Idaho Sun Devils(12)

Cotant Park (White Field), Chubbuck, ID
  9:30 am(5)Sandlot Idaho Thunder vs. Idaho Scrappers(8)
  11:30 am(17)Idaho Scrappers vs. Idaho Falls Chukars(1)
  1:30 pm(6)Idaho Falls Chukars vs. Madison Mad Cats(11)
  3:30 pm(15)Madison Mad Cats vs. Idaho Brewers(2)
  5:30 pm(4)Idaho Brewers vs. Sandlot Idaho Thunder(15)

Main Street Park (N.E. Field), Farmington, UT
  10:00 am(8)Farmington Fire vs. Farmington Fire Orange(5)
  12:00 pm(3)Farmington Fire Orange vs. Race Rx(19)
  2:00 pm(3)Race Rx vs. Utah Wildcats(20)
  4:00 pm(11)Utah Wildcats vs. Farmington Fire(2)

Main Street Park (S.W. Field), Farmington, UT
  9:30 am(10)Falcons Baseball vs. Salt Lake Legends(9)
  11:30 am(15)Salt Lake Legends vs. Surge Baseball(9)
  1:30 pm(4)Surge Baseball vs. Bear River Bears(7)
  3:30 pm(3)Bear River Bears vs. Falcons Baseball(6)

Main Street Park (Southeast Field), Farmington, UT
  9:30 am(27)Farmington Fire vs. Trappers(2)
  11:30 am(16)Trappers vs. Davis Bulldogs(9)
  1:30 pm(14)Davis Bulldogs vs. Salt Lake Storm(7)
  3:30 pm(7)Salt Lake Storm vs. Weber Baseball(18)
  5:30 pm(6)Weber Baseball vs. Farmington Fire(19)

Farr West City Park, Farr West, UT
  9:30 am(4)Thunder Hawks vs. Bear River Bears(1)
  11:30 am(2)Bear River Bears vs. DC Legends(18)
  1:30 pm(13)DC Legends vs. Bear River Cubs(1)
  3:30 pm(2)Bear River Cubs vs. DC Thunder(3)
  5:30 pm(4)DC Thunder vs. Thunder Hawks(10)

Old Complex (Little League Field), Heber City, UT
  10:00 am(3)Wasatch Sting vs. Lehi Tigers(8)
  12:00 pm(2)Lehi Tigers vs. Uintah Baseball(3)
  2:00 pm(0)Uintah Baseball vs. Spanish Fork Angels(0)
  4:00 pm(0)Spanish Fork Angels vs. Wasatch Sting(0)

Heritage Park (North Field), Highland, UT
  9:30 am(7)Lone Peak Knights vs. Voodoo Baseball(5)
  11:30 am(18)Voodoo Baseball vs. Timpanogos T-Wolves(4)
  1:30 pm(24)Timpanogos T-Wolves vs. BlueDevils(1)
  3:30 pm(2)BlueDevils vs. Utah Ripp(12)
  5:30 pm(1)Utah Ripp vs. Lone Peak Knights(12)

Mitchell Hollow Park, Highland, UT
  10:00 am(10)Rocks Baseball Club vs. Springville Slash(14)
  12:00 pm(2)Springville Slash vs. Lone Peak Knights(16)
  2:00 pm(0)Lone Peak Knights vs. Utah Rage(0)
  4:00 pm(0)Utah Rage vs. Rocks Baseball Club(0)

Hyrum Park (S.W. Field), Hyrum, UT
  9:30 am(27)South Cache Orangemen vs. Bear River Rebels(4)
  11:30 am(0)Bear River Rebels vs. Cache Wolverines(0)
  1:30 pm(16)Cache Wolverines vs. Bear River Bears(27)
  3:30 pm(16)Bear River Bears vs. Sharks Baseball(15)
  5:30 pm(6)Sharks Baseball vs. South Cache Orangemen(13)

Sunnyside Park (#2), Idaho Falls, ID
  10:00 am(5)Idaho Falls Blaze vs. Idaho Falls Chukars Maroon(3)
  12:00 pm(2)Idaho Falls Chukars Maroon vs. Ammon Red Sox(30)
  2:00 pm(4)Ammon Red Sox vs. Idaho Crush(13)
  4:00 pm(9)Idaho Crush vs. Idaho Falls Blaze(15)

Lehi High School, Lehi, UT
  9:30 am(0)Ultimate Sports vs. Brighton Bengals Blue(0)
  11:30 am(3)Brighton Bengals Blue vs. Fillmore(10)
  1:30 pm(0)Fillmore vs. Juab Sting(3)
  3:30 pm(11)Juab Sting vs. North Sanpete Hawks(1)
  5:30 pm(5)North Sanpete Hawks vs. Ultimate Sports(3)

Vets Memorial Park (#1), Lehi, UT
  9:30 am(15)Voodoo Baseball vs. Maple Mountain Warriors(6)
  11:30 am(8)Maple Mountain Warriors vs. Uintah Baseball(7)
  1:30 pm(0)Uintah Baseball vs. American Fork Cavemen(0)
  3:30 pm(13)American Fork Cavemen vs. Stansbury Scrappers(6)
  5:30 pm(8)Stansbury Scrappers vs. Voodoo Baseball(20)

Vets Memorial Park (#2), Lehi, UT
  9:30 am(0)Blaze vs. Ultimate Sports(0)
  11:30 am(7)Ultimate Sports vs. TC Force(3)
  1:30 pm(2)TC Force vs. Renegades(10)
  3:30 pm(4)Renegades vs. TC Eagles(3)
  5:30 pm(0)TC Eagles vs. Blaze(0)

Vets Memorial Park (#3), Lehi, UT
  9:30 am(0)Cedar Valley Outlaws vs. UC Heat(30)
  11:30 am(6)UC Heat vs. Gunnison(5)
  1:30 pm(0)Gunnison vs. Lehi Scorchers(0)
  3:30 pm(0)Lehi Scorchers vs. North Sevier(0)
  5:30 pm(0)North Sevier vs. Cedar Valley Outlaws(0)

Vets Memorial Park (#4), Lehi, UT
  10:00 am(23)Lehi Scorchers vs. The Catch(1)
  12:00 pm(3)The Catch vs. Lehi Bombers(25)
  2:00 pm(13)Lehi Bombers vs. Uintah Baseball(4)
  4:00 pm(0)Uintah Baseball vs. South Summit Wildcats(0)
  6:00 pm(1)South Summit Wildcats vs. Lehi Scorchers(19)

Vets Memorial Park (#5), Lehi, UT
  10:00 am(13)Lehi Tigers vs. Payson Baseball(3)
  12:00 pm(7)Payson Baseball vs. Roughnecks(13)
  2:00 pm(10)Roughnecks vs. North Sevier(0)
  4:00 pm(11)North Sevier vs. Northern Knights(5)
  6:00 pm(2)Northern Knights vs. Lehi Tigers(13)

Bridgerland Park, Logan, UT
  11:30 am(13)Cache Valley Bees vs. Royals Team Smith(0)
  1:30 pm(5)Royals Team Smith vs. Cache Valley Bees Yellow(4)
  3:30 pm(1)Cache Valley Bees Yellow vs. Madison Madcats(14)
  5:30 pm(0)Madison Madcats vs. Race Rx(0)
  7:30 pm(1)Race Rx vs. Cache Valley Bees(15)

Lundstrom Park, Logan, UT
  12:00 pm(0)Grizzlies vs. Bees Baseball(0)
  2:00 pm(0)Bees Baseball vs. Box Elder(0)
  4:00 pm(5)Box Elder vs. Cache Knights(10)
  6:00 pm(2)Cache Knights vs. Grizzlies(3)

Northwest Complex (East Field), Logan, UT
  9:30 am(11)Race Rx vs. Cache Valley Bees(2)
  11:30 am(9)Cache Valley Bees vs. Utah Stix(11)
  1:30 pm(8)Utah Stix vs. Sandlot Idaho Sidewinders(16)
  3:30 pm(3)Sandlot Idaho Sidewinders vs. Outlaws Baseball(1)
  5:30 pm(0)Outlaws Baseball vs. Race Rx(12)

Northwest Complex (Pony Field), Logan, UT
  9:30 am(5)Race Rx vs. Smithfield Black Sox(5)
  11:30 am(8)Smithfield Black Sox vs. Sandlot Chubbuck Elite(7)
  1:30 pm(4)Sandlot Chubbuck Elite vs. Utah Reds(7)
  3:30 pm(3)Utah Reds vs. Farmington Fire(6)
  5:30 pm(7)Farmington Fire vs. Race Rx(11)

Northwest Complex (West Field), Logan, UT
  9:30 am(7)Cache Valley Bees Yellow vs. Weber Yellow Jackets(11)
  11:30 am(0)Weber Yellow Jackets vs. Bash Baseball(6)
  1:30 pm(14)Bash Baseball vs. Brigham City Bees(3)
  3:30 pm(1)Brigham City Bees vs. Madison Cats(15)
  5:30 pm(12)Madison Cats vs. Cache Valley Bees Yellow(6)

Hillcrest Union (N.E. Field), Midvale, UT
  10:00 am(0)Salt City Sox vs. Nebo Bombers(11)
  12:00 pm(12)Nebo Bombers vs. Grantsville Cowboys(5)
  2:00 pm(0)Grantsville Cowboys vs. Olympus Titans I(0)
  4:00 pm(7)Olympus Titans I vs. Irish(16)
  6:00 pm(2)Irish vs. Salt City Sox(19)

Hillcrest Union (S.E. Field), Midvale, UT
  9:30 am(0)Oly Titans vs. White Tigers(0)
  11:30 am(2)White Tigers vs. Westlake Rattlers(5)
  1:30 pm(11)Westlake Rattlers vs. Tooele County Dirtbags(2)
  3:30 pm(2)Tooele County Dirtbags vs. American Fork Cavemen(23)
  5:30 pm(8)American Fork Cavemen vs. Oly Titans(5)

Hillcrest Union (West Field), Midvale, UT
  9:30 am(8)T-Ville vs. Wasatch Wolves(7)
  11:30 am(17)Wasatch Wolves vs. Park City Avalanche(3)
  1:30 pm(23)Park City Avalanche vs. Olympus Titans II(14)
  3:30 pm(7)Olympus Titans II vs. Clutch Performance(19)
  5:30 pm(17)Clutch Performance vs. T-Ville(10)

Ken Price Park, Murray, UT
  9:30 am(0)Murray Spartans vs. Brighton Bengals Orange(0)
  11:30 am(5)Brighton Bengals Orange vs. Taylorsville(13)
  1:30 pm(8)Taylorsville vs. Olympus Titans(7)
  3:30 pm(5)Olympus Titans vs. Elko Gold Rush (NV)(4)
  5:30 pm(1)Elko Gold Rush (NV) vs. Murray Spartans(12)

North Ogden Park, North Ogden, UT
  9:30 am(7)Shock Baseball vs. West Point Titans(4)
  11:30 am(3)West Point Titans vs. Team Krush(5)
  1:30 pm(12)Team Krush vs. Bear River Sluggers(0)
  3:30 pm(4)Bear River Sluggers vs. Vikings(16)
  5:30 pm(5)Vikings vs. Shock Baseball(15)

4th Street Complex (#1), Ogden, UT
  10:00 am(5)Royals Team Stark vs. Davis Crushers(2)
  12:00 pm(3)Davis Crushers vs. Bombers Baseball(9)
  2:00 pm(7)Bombers Baseball vs. Layton Elite(0)
  4:00 pm(1)Layton Elite vs. Royals Team Stark(8)

4th Street Complex (#2), Ogden, UT
  9:30 am(9)Team Force vs. Fremont Baseball(5)
  11:30 am(8)Fremont Baseball vs. Idaho Falls Blaze(14)
  1:30 pm(27)Idaho Falls Blaze vs. Cache Riverdogs(1)
  3:30 pm(13)Cache Riverdogs vs. Garland Bears(10)
  5:30 pm(8)Garland Bears vs. Team Force(21)

4th Street Complex (#3), Ogden, UT
  10:00 am(9)Bear River Bears vs. West Haven Renegades(4)
  12:00 pm(1)Box Elder Bobcats vs. Bear River Bears(6)
  2:00 pm(0)Curve Baseball vs. Box Elder Bobcats(0)
  4:00 pm(0)Madison MadCats vs. Curve Baseball(0)
  6:00 pm(0)West Haven Renegades vs. Madison MadCats(0)

Zollinger Park (Baer Field), Providence, UT
  10:00 am(21)Cache Wolverines Black vs. Cache Wolverines Blue(1)
  12:00 pm(0)Cache Wolverines Blue vs. Madison(0)
  2:00 pm(1)Madison vs. South Cache Orangemen(13)
  4:00 pm(4)South Cache Orangemen vs. Utah Vipers(8)
  6:00 pm(15)Utah Vipers vs. Cache Wolverines Black(9)

Zollinger Park (East Field), Providence, UT
  9:30 am(0)Logan Grizz vs. Bear River Blue Devils(0)
  11:30 am(0)Bear River Blue Devils vs. Bear River Bears(0)
  1:30 pm(0)Bear River Bears vs. Northern Utah BullDawgs(0)
  3:30 pm(12)Northern Utah BullDawgs vs. Vikings Baseball(2)
  5:30 pm(11)Vikings Baseball vs. Logan Grizz(3)

Zollinger Park (S.W. Field), Providence, UT
  9:30 am(7)Cache Beavers vs. Bees Baseball(1)
  11:30 am(7)Bees Baseball vs. Idaho Sidewinders(6)
  1:30 pm(0)Idaho Sidewinders vs. Team Rock(12)
  3:30 pm(6)Team Rock vs. Idaho Falls Chukars Black(1)
  5:30 pm(4)Idaho Falls Chukars Black vs. Cache Beavers(10)

Roy West Complex (#1), Roy, UT
  9:30 am(14)Utah Shockers vs. Bees Baseball(4)
  11:30 am(5)Bees Baseball vs. Bear River Bears(11)
  1:30 pm(6)Bear River Bears vs. Silverbacks(13)
  3:30 pm(16)Silverbacks vs. Box Elder Bees(5)
  5:30 pm(7)Box Elder Bees vs. Utah Shockers(20)

Roy West Complex (#2), Roy, UT
  9:30 am(5)River Bottom Boys vs. Layton Dingers(4)
  11:30 am(6)Layton Dingers vs. Utah Blast(7)
  1:30 pm(5)Utah Blast vs. Idaho Owls(7)
  3:30 pm(2)Idaho Owls vs. North Summit Braves(4)
  5:30 pm(11)North Summit Braves vs. River Bottom Boys(14)

Downtown Park (East Field), Salem, UT
  9:30 am(5)South County Power vs. Springville Red Devils(1)
  11:30 am(8)Springville Red Devils vs. Pleasant Grove Vikings(10)
  1:30 pm(14)Pleasant Grove Vikings vs. The Irish(8)
  3:30 pm(17)The Irish vs. American Fork Ambush(7)
  5:30 pm(2)American Fork Ambush vs. South County Power(14)

Loafer View Park (#1), Salem, UT
  10:30 am(0)VooDoo vs. Tabiona(0)
  12:30 pm(0)Tabiona vs. Delta Jacks(0)
  2:30 pm(1)Delta Jacks vs. North Sevier(13)
  4:30 pm(9)North Sevier vs. Richfield(8)
  6:30 pm(0)Richfield vs. VooDoo(0)

Loafer View Park (#2), Salem, UT
  9:30 am(1)Canyon View Buzz vs. Nebo Bombers(11)
  11:30 am(4)Nebo Bombers vs. Ultimate Sports Black(8)
  1:30 pm(5)Ultimate Sports Black vs. Richfield Dingers(4)
  3:30 pm(8)Richfield Dingers vs. Uintah Baseball(10)
  5:30 pm(6)Uintah Baseball vs. Canyon View Buzz(4)

Loafer View Park (#3), Salem, UT
  10:00 am(7)Salem Sky Sox vs. Utah Strike(12)
  12:00 pm(2)Utah Strike vs. Wasatch Bees(10)
  2:00 pm(4)Wasatch Bees vs. Utah County Hitmen(5)
  4:00 pm(5)Utah County Hitmen vs. Salem Sky Sox(10)

Loafer View Park (#4), Salem, UT
  9:30 am(7)Maple Mountain Warriors vs. Utah County Red Sox(6)
  11:30 am(12)Utah County Red Sox vs. Sugar Kings(0)
  1:30 pm(1)Sugar Kings vs. Utah Toros(10)
  3:30 pm(3)Utah Toros vs. Utah Valley Vipers(0)
  5:30 pm(2)Utah Valley Vipers vs. Maple Mountain Warriors(10)

Loafer View Park (#5), Salem, UT
  10:00 am(7)South County Power vs. Utah County Aces(13)
  12:00 pm(3)Utah County Aces vs. Bucks(10)
  2:00 pm(5)Bucks vs. Utah MM Venom(6)
  4:00 pm(9)Utah MM Venom vs. South County Power(6)

Poplar Grove Park, Salt Lake City, UT
  9:30 am(7)Utah Hornets vs. Stealth(18)
  11:30 am(6)Stealth vs. Oly Titans(10)
  1:30 pm(6)Oly Titans vs. South Jordan Sluggerz(9)
  3:30 pm(14)South Jordan Sluggerz vs. Park City Avalanche(2)
  5:30 pm(0)Park City Avalanche vs. Utah Hornets(0)

Riverside Rose Park (East Field), Salt Lake City, UT
  9:30 am(4)Rose Park vs. Taylorsville Warriors(8)
  11:30 am(7)Taylorsville Warriors vs. Utah Bandits(11)
  1:30 pm(8)Utah Bandits vs. Utah Havoc(10)
  3:30 pm(14)Utah Havoc vs. Rampage(11)
  5:30 pm(6)Rampage vs. Rose Park(11)

Riverside Rose Park (West Field), Salt Lake City, UT
  10:00 am(2)Rose Park Panthers vs. Tuff Country Predators(14)
  12:00 pm(13)Tuff Country Predators vs. Ultimate Sports Orange(2)
  2:00 pm(2)Ultimate Sports Orange vs. Draper Hornets(13)
  4:00 pm(12)Draper Hornets vs. Utah Elite(3)
  6:00 pm(9)Utah Elite vs. Rose Park Panthers(4)

Sherwood Park (East Field), Salt Lake City, UT
  10:00 am(10)Mount Olympus Titans vs. Riverton Accel I(6)
  12:00 pm(0)Riverton Accel I vs. Utah Jacks(0)
  2:00 pm(1)Utah Jacks vs. Utah Bad Boys(5)
  4:00 pm(7)Utah Bad Boys vs. Sox(6)
  6:00 pm(5)Sox vs. Mount Olympus Titans(4)

Sherwood Park (Prep Field), Salt Lake City, UT
  10:00 am(3)Rose Park Rampage vs. Sluggers(12)
  12:00 pm(5)Sluggers vs. Olympus Titans(2)
  2:00 pm(9)Olympus Titans vs. Layton Young Guns(8)
  4:00 pm(19)Layton Young Guns vs. Wasatch Creepers(7)
  6:00 pm(8)Wasatch Creepers vs. Rose Park Rampage(11)

Sherwood Park (West Field), Salt Lake City, UT
  10:00 am(3)Kearns Express vs. Riverton Accel II(12)
  12:00 pm(0)Riverton Accel II vs. Summit Academy Bears(0)
  2:00 pm(8)Utah Devils vs. Kearns Express(2)
  4:00 pm(0)Summit Academy Bears vs. Grantsville Cowboys(0)
  6:00 pm(0)Grantsville Cowboys vs. Utah Devils(0)

Archie H. Gubler Park (#1), Santa Clara, UT
  9:30 am(0)Caesars Baseball vs. Extreme Rebels(0)
  11:30 am(0)Extreme Rebels vs. Dixie Heat(0)
  1:30 pm(0)Dixie Heat vs. Dixie Indians(0)
  3:30 pm(0)Dixie Indians vs. Snow Canyon Warriors(0)
  5:30 pm(0)Snow Canyon Warriors vs. Caesars Baseball(0)

Archie H. Gubler Park (#2), Santa Clara, UT
  9:30 am(0)St. George Gators vs. Desert Hills Thunder 11s(17)
  11:30 am(17)Desert Hills Thunder 11s vs. Moapa Valley Pirates(3)
  1:30 pm(0)Moapa Valley Pirates vs. Canyon View Falcons(0)
  3:30 pm(0)Canyon View Falcons vs. STG Roadrunners(0)
  5:30 pm(0)STG Roadrunners vs. St. George Gators(0)

Archie H. Gubler Park (#3), Santa Clara, UT
  12:00 pm(1)Kanab Border Boyz vs. Hurricane Halos(8)
  2:00 pm(8)Hurricane Halos vs. Canyon View Falcons(14)
  4:00 pm(0)Canyon View Falcons vs. Moapa Valley(0)

Archie H. Gubler Park (#4), Santa Clara, UT
  10:00 am(0)Hurricane Crushers vs. Snow Canyon Whiptails(0)
  12:00 pm(0)Snow Canyon Warriors vs. Hurricane Crushers(0)
  2:00 pm(8)Desert Hills Thunder 10s vs. Southern Utah Rox(4)
  4:00 pm(0)Southern Utah Rox vs. Dixie Storm(0)
  6:00 pm(7)Dixie Storm vs. Desert Hills Thunder 10s(12)

Forrester Acres (Little League Field), Smithfield, UT
  9:30 am(5)Cache Valley Titans vs. Weber Baseball(1)
  11:30 am(4)Weber Baseball vs. Edge Baseball(13)
  1:30 pm(4)Edge Baseball vs. Utah Bandits(0)
  3:30 pm(5)Utah Bandits vs. Madison MadCats(0)
  5:30 pm(8)Madison MadCats vs. Cache Valley Titans(5)

Glenmoor Park, South Jordan, UT
  10:00 am(4)Utah Devils vs. Northern Utah Yankees(23)
  12:00 pm(16)Northern Utah Yankees vs. Park City Avalanche(7)
  2:00 pm(14)Park City Avalanche vs. Blue Sox(9)
  4:00 pm(4)Blue Sox vs. Demons Baseball(12)
  6:00 pm(9)Demons Baseball vs. Utah Devils(8)

South Jordan Complex (#1), South Jordan, UT
  9:30 am(10)Utah Stix vs. Tooele Blast(2)
  11:30 am(9)Tooele Blast vs. Angels(1)
  1:30 pm(11)Angels vs. Holladay Rangers(15)
  3:30 pm(19)Holladay Rangers vs. Grantsville Cowboys(5)
  5:30 pm(0)Grantsville Cowboys vs. American Pastime(0)
  7:30 pm(4)American Pastime vs. Utah Stix(17)

South Jordan Complex (#2), South Jordan, UT
  9:00 am(2)Thunderbolts vs. Utah Horns 11's(1)
  11:00 am(13)Utah Horns 11's vs. Grantsville Cowboys(3)
  1:00 pm(9)Grantsville Cowboys vs. Alta Canyon Baseball(1)
  3:00 pm(2)Alta Canyon Baseball vs. Utah Smash(15)
  5:00 pm(5)Utah Smash vs. Utah Lightning(4)
  7:00 pm(2)Utah Lightning vs. Thunderbolts(9)

South Jordan Complex (#4), South Jordan, UT
  9:30 am(5)Utah Aces vs. Spanish Fork Crushers(10)
  11:30 am(10)Spanish Fork Crushers vs. Salt Lake Blast 11's(0)
  1:30 pm(7)Salt Lake Blast 11's vs. Utah Black Sox(9)
  3:30 pm(4)Utah Black Sox vs. Team Xtreme(2)
  5:30 pm(2)Team Xtreme vs. Utah Aces(7)

South Jordan Complex (#5), South Jordan, UT
  9:00 am(16)Utah Yard Dawgs vs. Riverton Razorbacks Black(12)
  11:00 am(10)UC Venom vs. Utah Yard Dawgs(7)
  1:00 pm(7)Oly Titans vs. UC Venom(6)
  3:00 pm(6)Davis Dawgs vs. Oly Titans(5)
  5:00 pm(7)Riverton Razorbacks Black vs. Davis Dawgs(8)

Sports Park (#8), Spanish Fork, UT
  9:30 am(20)Timp Harley Sliders vs. Black Knights(3)
  11:30 am(3)Black Knights vs. Murray Colts(10)
  1:30 pm(4)Murray Colts vs. Eastern Utah(8)
  3:30 pm(15)Eastern Utah vs. Provo Dawgs(6)
  5:30 pm(7)Provo Dawgs vs. Timp Harley Sliders(9)

Swenson Memorial Park (Firemen Field), Spanish Fork, UT
  9:30 am(3)Spanish Fork Predators vs. Orem Tigers(30)
  11:30 am(5)Orem Tigers vs. Spanish Fork Kraz(18)
  1:30 pm(11)Spanish Fork Kraz vs. Iron Hawks(2)
  3:30 pm(0)Iron Hawks vs. Wasatch Stingers(0)
  5:30 pm(22)Wasatch Stingers vs. Spanish Fork Predators(10)

Swenson Memorial Park (JC Field), Spanish Fork, UT
  9:00 am(0)Spanish Fork Razors vs. Utah X-Treme(21)
  11:00 am(19)Utah X-Treme vs. South County Power(9)
  1:00 pm(5)South County Power vs. Lone Peak Knights(13)
  3:00 pm(5)Lone Peak Knights vs. Spanish Fork Razors(19)

Swenson Memorial Park (Kiwanis Field), Spanish Fork, UT
  10:00 am(0)Utah County Thunder vs. Ultimate Sports(0)
  12:00 pm(0)Ultimate Sports vs. Provo Mutts(0)
  2:00 pm(6)Provo Mutts vs. Mojo Baseball(18)
  4:00 pm(13)Mojo Baseball vs. Utah County Thunder(1)

Swenson Memorial Park (Rotary Field), Spanish Fork, UT
  11:30 am(9)Orem Storm vs. Spanish Fork Elite(5)
  1:30 pm(4)Spanish Fork Elite vs. Springville Inferno(3)
  3:30 pm(7)Springville Inferno vs. Delta Rage(6)
  5:30 pm(4)Delta Rage vs. SF True Players 11's(16)

Bird Park (Upper Pony Field), Springville, UT
  9:30 am(0)Springville Red Devils vs. South County Blackhawks(0)
  11:30 am(4)South County Blackhawks vs. Juab Sting(7)
  1:30 pm(17)Juab Sting vs. Pleasant Grove Baseball Club(2)
  3:30 pm(3)Pleasant Grove Baseball Club vs. Richfield(18)
  5:30 pm(3)Richfield vs. Springville Red Devils(5)

Memorial Park (Southeast Field), Springville, UT
  9:30 am(22)Springville Red Devils vs. Utah Valley Raptors(3)
  11:30 am(1)Utah Valley Raptors vs. Richfield Voodoo(19)
  1:30 pm(14)Richfield Voodoo vs. Delta Diamond Dawgs(0)
  3:30 pm(7)Delta Diamond Dawgs vs. Riverton Razorbacks Red(17)
  5:30 pm(6)Riverton Razorbacks Red vs. Springville Red Devils(19)

Memorial Park (Southwest Field), Springville, UT
  11:00 am(15)Sage Creek Devils vs. North Sanpete Hawks(0)
  1:00 pm(6)North Sanpete Hawks vs. Red Knights(12)
  3:00 pm(15)Red Knights vs. Fillmore(1)
  5:00 pm(9)Fillmore vs. Sage Creek Devils(14)

Springville High School, Springville, UT
  9:30 am(11)Red Devils Baseball vs. Batzz(2)
  11:30 am(4)Batzz vs. Orem Tigers(18)
  1:30 pm(11)Orem Tigers vs. Utah Valley Baseball(3)
  3:30 pm(0)Utah Valley Baseball vs. Mapleton Eagles(0)
  5:30 pm(4)Mapleton Eagles vs. Red Devils Baseball(10)

Bloomington Park (Field #1), St. George, UT
  11:15 am(3)Moapa Valley vs. Desert Hills Thunder(14)
  1:15 pm(12)Desert Hills Thunder vs. Las Vegas Coyotes(2)
  3:15 pm(0)Las Vegas Coyotes vs. Kanab Border Boyz(0)

Elks Field, St. George, UT
  9:00 am(0)SU Select vs. Caesars Baseball(0)
  11:00 am(0)Caesars Baseball vs. Page Desert Dawgs(0)
  1:00 pm(0)Page Desert Dawgs vs. Kanab Border Boyz(0)
  3:00 pm(3)Kanab Border Boyz vs. Desert Hills Thunder(14)
  5:00 pm(10)Desert Hills Thunder vs. Lincoln County(0)
  7:00 pm(0)Lincoln County vs. SU Select(0)

Deseret Peak Complex (#4), Tooele, UT
  10:00 am(4)Stansbury Blue Devils vs. Cyprus Pirates(8)
  12:00 pm(11)Cyprus Pirates vs. Black Ice(1)
  2:00 pm(11)Black Ice vs. Shredders(5)
  4:00 pm(13)Shredders vs. Stansbury Blue Devils(1)

Country Park (Field #3), West Haven, UT
  9:30 am(16)Dirt Dawgs vs. Farmington Fire(7)
  11:30 am(4)Farmington Fire vs. Chukars(15)
  1:30 pm(9)Chukars vs. DC GENERALS(5)
  3:30 pm(0)DC GENERALS vs. DC Sox(10)
  5:30 pm(7)DC Sox vs. Dirt Dawgs(6)

West Ridge Academy, West Jordan, UT
  9:00 am(5)Clearfield Falcons vs. Riverton Accel 16(17)
  11:00 am(13)Riverton Accel 16 vs. Trojanz(4)
  1:00 pm(6)Utah Cardinals vs. Clearfield Falcons(7)
  3:00 pm(13)Trojanz vs. T-Wolves(8)
  5:00 pm(1)T-Wolves vs. Utah Cardinals(10)

Mills (Mosquito) Park (East Field), Woods Cross, UT
  1:30 pm(8)Pleasant Grove Vikings vs. Olympus Titans(2)
  3:30 pm(4)Olympus Titans vs. Utah Elite(3)
  5:30 pm(12)Utah Elite vs. Wildcats Baseball(3)